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Cucumber: Kilkenny limestone

Last summer I grew some small spikey/bobbly cucumbers (from Seed Savers) in the polytunnel. I thought they were an interesting shape especially with the bobbles. I started the sculpture in the end of August last year and only finished it a few weeks ago. Never […]

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Warted Kettle Gourd (Cucurbita pepo)

I was commissioned before Christmas to do a small gourd about life-size (100mm). I think it was a Warted Kettle Gourd from the identification chart. It was a lovely shape, but I wasn’t that keen due to the small size (fiddly) and due to the […]

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Beach stone from Mayo

This was a small stone I found on a beach in Mayo last year. I decided to give it a polish and it polished up beautifully! Not sure what it is but possibly a piece of Connemara Marble/serpentine?? The red crystals/inclusions are possibly garnet? It […]

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Marrow: Schist

Completed  a new vegetable  – a marrow! Sculpted from a stone found in the garden. Its a schist of some sort, much harder to carve than limestone. It has a greenish tinge to it and the quartz vein gives it interest. Dimensions: 1.5 ft, heavy!! […]



“Aubergine”  composed of Limestone from a quarry near Ballyragget. Another vegetable to and to my “Constant Gardener Series” It was completed in October.

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