Warted Kettle Gourd (Cucurbita pepo)

I was commissioned before Christmas to do a small gourd about life-size (100mm). I think it was a Warted Kettle Gourd from the identification chart. It was a lovely shape, but I wasn’t that keen due to the small size (fiddly) and due to the abundance of bumps and bobbles (warts) on it (which made it interesting).

I was at the time going through a bad experience with small bobbles on another sculpture I was working at and I swore I would never do another bobble again. Anyway, I knuckled down to do it, but reduced the number of bobbles. I still think it works. See more at Lithicworks.com

One thought on “Warted Kettle Gourd (Cucurbita pepo)

  1. J.Parles says:

    Very good Martin..Have you ever tasted gourd..its very good for you but there’s a bit of a tang to it…could say the same about your gourd project ;)….Hope you and Cathy are keeping well…..See you in the air sometime soon..XX


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