Warted Kettle Gourd (Cucurbita pepo)

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I was commissioned before Christmas to do a small gourd about life-size (100mm). I think it was a Warted Kettle Gourd from the identification chart. It was a lovely shape, but I wasn’t that keen due to the small size (fiddly) and due to the abundance of bumps and bobbles (warts) on it (which made it interesting).

I was at the time going through a bad experience with small bobbles on another sculpture I was working at and I swore I would never do another bobble again. Anyway, I knuckled down to do it, but reduced the number of bobbles. I still think it works. See more at Lithicworks.com

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Martin Lyttle is a recognised Irish stone sculptor. With a sensitivity to the local lithology of an area, Martin works only with local Irish stone from quarries or found stone. He is interested in organic shapes and forms especially those found in nature. Much of his work is hand-polished so his works are wonderful to touch and hold. His work has been selected for the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibitions and he has completed large scale public and private commissions. He is a member of FORM designmade in Carlow and the Blackstairs 9 Stones Artists Groups.

One thought on “Warted Kettle Gourd (Cucurbita pepo)”

  1. Very good Martin..Have you ever tasted gourd..its very good for you but there’s a bit of a tang to it…could say the same about your gourd project ;)….Hope you and Cathy are keeping well…..See you in the air sometime soon..XX


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