Fucus II (Bladderwrack seaweed)

I spent much of the winter grinding away at Fucus II. I took me way longer and became more complicated than I intended.  I think I just got carried away.

It went  to the annual “Richard Scott Sculpture @ Ballymaloe” (21st June to 3rd September 2017) where Richie managed to sell it. It went to the same home as Fucus I. Thanks Richie!!

Spooky supervising work





Fucus (Bladderwrack) II by Martin Lyttle
Fucus (Bladderwrack) II by Martin Lyttle

2 thoughts on “Fucus II (Bladderwrack seaweed)

  1. Alannah Fitzgerald says:

    Great to see all the shots of fucus II in the making, especially to see that it started out being white. Magnificent work, Martin!

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