Stone Sculpture Symposia


I was lucky to be selected to attended the 1st Granite Sculpture Symposium over the Blackstairs Mountain at Niall Deacon’s granite yard in Killannn, Co. Wexford. The symposium was for the first 2 weeks in September and 9 sculptors attended; Cliona Cussen, Niall Deacon , Eileen MacDonagh, Padraig McGoran, Martha Quinn,  Paul Haggins, Bojana Krizacec (from Slovenia), Emanuela Camacci (from Italy). We all had a great time and were very well looked after by Niall and Anne Deacon.



The stone sculpture symposium which I attendedwas a 6 week course and part of the Salzburg Summer Acamedy of Fine Art. The Stone symposium was one of many other Art courses being held in Salzburg during the summer run by the Academy.

The Class of 2008: from left to right

Standing: Eileen, Margit, Renate, me, Veronika, Catain, Dietmar, Markus, Hermann and Reinholt (sitting)

Sitting: Suzanne, Johanna, David, Inga and Bojana.

The Class of 2008, Keifer Quarry



21 Replies to “Stone Sculpture Symposia”

  1. Hi Martin,thank you very much indeed for this nice file of photos which bring back all good memories of a great time in a wonderful group at the Untersberg quarry. I wish you a lot of fun and success with sculpturing such marvelous works as you did in Salzburg.
    Let’s keep in touch
    Yours Dietmar


  2. Martin,
    Glad I found this site. It is great to see what other stone sculptors around the world are up to!

    Laurie Tossy
    Loveland, Colorado, USA


  3. Hiya Martin,
    I’m loving the “Baroque?”.-any more pictures?
    Best wishes~


  4. I would very much like to receive details of future symposia. Will there be another in 2010? Hope to hear from you soon.


  5. Hi Martin,

    Great site and love your work, could you please let me know about 2010 symposium, how to apply , where, all info really .
    Cheers, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,



  6. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am professional sculptor from Germany. It is very interesting for me to take part in your next sculpture symposium. Please send me the rules and application form for your next sculpture symposium 2010. Thank you.
    Valeriu Ciumacu


  7. Hello,
    I am an italian sculptress working on stone. I am interested in receiving informations about the possibility to apply for participation in the next Symposium.
    Thank you



  8. hola Martin.

    hola Martin.
    I am Noemí
    I saw the website of the symposium,if is possible I would like to receive information for the next symposium and the application form this

    Noemí Arrocha


  9. Awesome event, I would like to know more about it.Thank you, have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the new year coming.T


  10. I see Paul Haggins was a participant in 2009. He had just finished a symposium in August 2009 here in Canada. I have videos posted of him and the other sculptors at the symposium. Please feel free to check it out at


  11. I would like to apply for the 2010 sculpture symposium.Please who can give me informations.
    best regards


  12. salve vorrei ricevere ulteriori informazioni sul prossimo simposio di scultura 2010 sono una scultrice italiana e vorrei tanto provare questa nuova esperienza grazie.


  13. great report fella,niall deacon done fine work to get the people and stone to the same place.full credit to the man.there seems to be major support for stone working symposia in ireland around at the moment.this needs to be looked at,and built upon.i would be open to helping anyone who wants to get something going for the end of summer 2010.take care up the hills of carlow man,i spent time there,its a cold spot at times.


  14. Hows Martin?
    Great to see the photos up. I know Niall and Cliodhna and have seen the great work at the Norman Gallery. Could you let me know if there is a synposium on in 2010?
    Go raibh mile maith agat!
    Seighean O Draoi


  15. I would very much like to take part in the 2010 symosium. I am an amateur sculptor. If you have Facebook you can see photo albums of my sculptures.
    Best wishes
    Bob Sloan


  16. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am professional sculptor from India. I have very interst interesting for me to take part in your next sculpture symposium. Please send me the rules and application form for your next sculpture symposium 2010.
    Thank you.
    CP India……..www.chandersculptor.blogspot on facebook alos


  17. hello please send me on any and all info about your stone carving/sculpting course details please as i am very interested thank you regards: Gary,Ireland


  18. Hi
    I am a stone sculptor from malawi would please send me the application for this years scuilpture symposium i would like to apply for the attendance


  19. Hi Richard here,
    I am looking to see if you do training in the V cutting of letters because I’ve worked with a good friend of mine in the headstone business but I’ve never hand cut the writing and love to learn the trade. I am moving to Wexford after christmas and would love to try my hand at hand cutting and maybe see if I could try to make a living from it.
    Thank you Richard


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