Hollywoodrath Commission – Drawings on Stone

The last time I wrote a post was over a year ago!! I was full of good intentions to do regular updates on the progress on the commission. I found it difficult to do being away from home while working on the commission in Stradbally. However, given to choice between being outside doing stonework or inside doing computer work………there is really no competition!

Anyway, the commission was finally installed in July 2019. I will now do a series of posts so not to overwhelm you with 1000s of photos.

To remind you, the proposed sculpture was to take the form of three standing stones 2.8m high, surrounded by a stone circle of 10 seating stones.

Stone model

Native Irish tree leaves and their seeds/fruit were to be carved on all the stones with the Ogham symbols for the trees. My previous post was a study of tree leaves, fruit and seeds to be carved on the stones.

The next step in the process was to draw the images onto the stone before I started carving. The following are photos of work in progress of some of the seats.

wild cherry




crab Apple


rowan or mountain ash


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