Hollywooodrath – a commission

I was invited in the spring to submit for a sculpture commission for a housing development in north Co. Dublin. To my delight I was awarded with the commission in early summer and it has kept me very busy all summer and will do well into the autumn.

The residential scheme and  the townland is called Hollywoodrath.  To reflect the name, I proposed a work centred around Irish native trees and the Holly tree at the centre.  The proposed sculpture is to take the form of three standing stones 2.8m high surrounded by a stone circle of 10 seating stones. Native Irish tree leaves and their seeds/fruit will be carved on all the stones with the Ogham symbols for the trees.

Future posts will detail my progress with the commission. Given the nature of the work I’ll post more frequently on Instagram, my handle there is  @lithicworks

If you are passing, I’m working fulltime in McKeon’s stoneyard in Stradbally, contact me if you want to see the work in progress.

Huge thanks to my friends and family – its an enormous project and I appreciate all the encouragement. The project is dedicated of course, to my late dog Holly.

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