“Blastoid” award commission



img_2492Irish Geoscience Network
Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented to Dr. Michael E Philcox
21st October 2016

Recently, I was delighted to be commissioned by Dr. Bettina Stefanini on behalf of the “Irish Geoscience Network” (IGN) to create a unique sculpture for a life-time achievement award for Dr Michael Philcox (the IGN is the umbrella body representing various organisations and stakeholders in the Irish geosciences). It was also very apt to be commissioned by a geoscience organisation considering my geological background.

Dr. Philcox has had a significant career in the geosciences for over 50 years.  His publication on the Carboniferous stratigraphy of Ireland is still the standard reference. His work with minerals, sand, gravel and other Quaternary deposits are also monumental. He worked with the GSI, as well as commercial exploration. He is still actively participating in activities with geoscience associations and continues working on sites he is fascinated with.
Below is the invite for the presentation of the award. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend but I wish the organisers and Michael a very successful celebration for his significant contribution to the geoscience field.
I decided to sculpt a “Blastoid” for Michael for various reasons. Firstly, because they have an interesting form and suited my style of organic seed/vegetable shapes, and secondly, they were a common fossil of the “Carboniferous” period of which Dr. Philcox is an expert (although they are more common in the US). I was interested to note that the presentation will be given by Professor George Sevastopulo who is an authority on blastoids!

Thanks to Albert for supplying the lovely piece of Ash for the base.

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