Carlow Garden Sculpture Commission: Crown Imperial Lily Pod

Further to my “Garden commission Post ” last month, I installed the Crown Imperial Lily (Fritillaria imperialis) Pod sculpture in the lovely garden of the painter Philippa Bayliss yesterday. Like the time I first visited her garden, it was a beautiful sunny day for installing the work. Her garden is on the Carlow Garden Trail and her garden is listed as The Meadows (description below from Carlow Co. Council booklet)

The Meadows is positioned in a small estate in Myshall village with views extending to the Wicklow Mountains, the Carlow Ridge and Mount Leinster. The plot at No. 7 is about a third of an acre and slopes steeply into the hillside with the back shaded by sycamores.

Since developing a deep love of plants as a child, the garden has been integral to owner, Philippa Bayliss’s work as a painter. The concept for this garden came from a garden in Gravesend on a wind swept pebble beach, the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries, Persian miniatures, Chinese landscape scrolls and Capability Brown’s integration of garden and landscape. Gravel over myplex is used as a foundation and the large granite boulders have been sourced from a local farmer. In front of the house there are plantings of pampas grass, miscanthus, dwarf and prostrate conifers, orange fennel, watsonia, kniphofia, fox gloves, heathers and catmint. The back garden, which contains Philippa’s summer studio, is planted with an informal hedge of shrub roses and some interesting trees interspersed with mostly herbaceous plants, set into gravel. This area has been designed with low maintenance in mind, needing no mechanical tools and only intermittent hard work to keep it in order. A visit to The Meadows demonstrates what can be achieved with a small budget and limited time, and will certainly inspire others in a similar situation to create something of beauty.


The carving process


Yesterday, I pinned the lily pod sculpture to a previously selected granite boulder in Philippa’s garden. Her dog  seemed very impressed. Thanks to Cathy for taking the photos.

Happy clients, Philippa and her dog Cork

5 thoughts on “Carlow Garden Sculpture Commission: Crown Imperial Lily Pod

  1. Peter Hodgson says:

    That looks great. Similarities with crinoids (I can see why you had some pictures now) and star fruit. Also a bit like an orange squeezer. One to be proud of.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. alandesprice says:

    Hi Martin

    Just trying out a new wireless keyboard that I bought in Lidl the other day. It is pretty good for Euro 14, can’t find euro sign!! And where is the CAPS lock??

    The Lily looks really well, lovely sculpture in a great setting. Malcolm and I visited Philippa’s garden during the election campaign and even in the middle of winter it looked well. Your work will be interesting feature all year around. I might be tempted to commission something for my own garden. I like the idea of something outside in a garden that can add interest and beauty especially during the winter die back period. Well done Martin. And Cathy the photos are great as well. They give a real life story to the transformation of a piece of rock.

    Enjoy the weekend.



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