Carlow Garden Sculpture Commission – research

Philippa Bayliss the renowned painter and gardener based in County Carlow asked me to create a Sculpture for her Garden last summer. I headed over to her place, not to far from here, on a lovely summer’s day to visit her beautiful garden and try and think of some ideas for the sculpture.

The shapes and forms that attracted me were the peppers, flax pods, leek flowers and lily buds and pods. I had been thinking of doing a flax pod since I had been residing in the wild west of NW Mayo, where flax grows like a weed and it is the predominant plant in the hedgerows there! I finally decided to go for the lily pod as it was a more interesting form. I made a start on it last summer but then I was posted off the Scotland for geotechnical work  for months!!…so I never got round to finishing it.

I finally got back to it this spring and finished a few weeks ago. It was photographed professionally yesterday and I hope to install it in the next week or so (next post).

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