‘Excavation’ at 2013-2014 Form exhibition: Ballymaloe and Mt. Juliet with Artistic Alliance

In the summers of 2013 and 2014, I exhibited with “FORM” organised by Richard Scott of “Artistic Alliance”. This year it was held at Ballymaloe, Co. Cork. The summer show ran from 28 June to 28 September 2014.  My “Excavations” piece has been show both years.

Ballymaloe 2


Last year “Form” was at Mount Juliet. Photos of the Opening. It was a beautiful evening!IMG_0908  IMG_0821IMG_0775 

Some of the stone sculptors: Martin Lyttle. Jason Ellis, Eileen MacDonagh, Stephen Burke and Richard HealyIMG_0870

IMG_0794 IMG_0825   IMG_0798 IMG_0797  IMG_0840 IMG_0833 IMG_0828IMG_0865  IMG_0853 IMG_0892  IMG_0886    IMG_0883 IMG_0880   IMG_0896 IMG_0894


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