Marrow: Schist

Completed  a new vegetable  – a marrow! Sculpted from a stone found in the garden. Its a schist of some sort, much harder to carve than limestone. It has a greenish tinge to it and the quartz vein gives it interest.

Dimensions: 1.5 ft, heavy!!

Sold: Private collection.



4 thoughts on “Marrow: Schist

  1. Mary Dawson says:

    Dearest Martin, Loved indeed your wonderful marrow!! Coingratulations on another gem.
    How wonderful it also Grew itself in the Garden too! Best gardener in the world xxxx Mary xxxx


  2. Nicola says:

    I LOVE this Martin, I think it might be my all time favourite (along with the Adnet apple possibly?)! Excuse the identical comment under your last post, something fully happening and couldn’t get it in the right place at the beginning.


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