Enniscorthy Public Art Commission for Cherry orchard : Research

At the begining of the summer I was informed by Wexford Co. Council Arts Department that I had won the percent for Art Commision for Cherryorchard Housing scheme. This was a great thrill for me. This is the first commission that I have won so it was tinged with slight nervousness. The letter said I had won the competition, however, it was not an offer of the commission. I had to first ensure I was tax compliant and insured and I had to agree to various conditions of Wexford Co. Council’s before the Contract could be issued and signed.

On 18th September 2009 I recieved the signed Contract. So, officially I was ready to go.

As part of my proposal for the commission I am to write a Blog as a record of how the commission is progressing, the sculpting process and the installation process.

The blog is called  http://cherryorchard2.wordpress.com/


Maquette for second stage submission (unfinished)

The sculpture is due to be commissioned on the 30th April 2010.

So I have been going to quarries to buy the stone, looking for some dry place to work and organise transport etc. All will be reported on the cherryorchard blog.

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