2009 Sliabh Gearr Opening at the Norman gallery


The Sliabh Gearr Granite Symposium opened at the Norman gallery on the Saturday 17th October 2009. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon and a good crowd attended. Jeremy opened the show and Niall Deacon also movingly talked about the conception and the workings of the symposium. Jeremy then led the crowd around all the work and gave a great talk about each piece and each artists also said a few words about their work.

P17-10-09_15.37 P17-10-09_15.37[01]

The Artists posing!



Works by: Cliona Cussens, Niall Deacon, Eileen MacDonagh, Paul Haggins, Padraig McGoran, Martha Quinn, Bojana Krizacec, Emanuela Camacci and myself.

Thanks to Jeremy Hill for a great opening, the committee (Padriag, Cliona and especially Niall)  for organising the symposium. And not forgetting Anne Deacon for feeding us so well during the symposium.

2 thoughts on “2009 Sliabh Gearr Opening at the Norman gallery

  1. Casselman says:

    Another sculpture by Paul Haggins – I think this time it was a letter of his alphabet? Anyway Paul had just finished a full month symposium here in Canada where he carved a large Celtic cross. I produced some TV shows in a series about the symposium and you can view them on my website if you wish. Just go to CasselmanCanada.com or CasselmansCanada.com


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