Short-listed: Shamrock Plaza, Carlow town

I didn’t win the Shamrock Plaza, Carlow public Art competition. In retrospect, I think I was lucky not to have won it as it was a very tight time frame (2 months) and the site for the sculpture was very busy (visually). I think it would have been too rushed and complex for my first commission.

street front

Anyway, I learnt  a lot, especially with my Second stage Submission and Display. The maquettes were put on display in the Shamrock plaza building and the public could vote on it.  Due to a misunderstanding the plinth for my maquette was made very low and my display was very poor compared to the very slick display boards of the other four short listed artists. I was the only artists shortlists of the Rep of Ireland (the rest being English, Scottish and Northern Irish).

P26-03-09_20.11[01] P26-03-09_19.34

My Display                                                                      The Opening

IMG_9590 IMG_9592

IMG_9600-2 IMG_9602-2

One thought on “Short-listed: Shamrock Plaza, Carlow town

  1. Jan Alexander says:

    Hi Martin, – I love this photo of the piece with the light shining through it. It looks amazing. Reminds me a bit of the ‘split rock’ at Easky, Co. Sligo. The light brings out a kind of Newgrange/Tara type feeling about the work.


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